Hollywood popular culture often takes the rise of China literally, and many recent sci-fi films portray China as the future or as a savior, while not long ago China was considered the yellow peril and the ill-famed factory of the world. Intrinsically, the English language plays an essential role in expressing such contemporary American culture towards future and China. Highrises in the Shanghai skyline and robust lifesaving Chinese spaceships also become the visual representations of China as future, and signifies a specific set of visual interpretation. So one can imagine any new sci-fi film as such is just a permutation of these visual alphabets and repeats the same message. While in reality on the street of New York, one sees the working class push small carts to places for grocery shopping and laundry. Therefore in this installation: a TV monitor-- the container of desires playing clips of sci-fi films featuring China as future-- rests precariously on top of a shopping cart full of colorful grocery bags. A daily struggle between desire and need.