When the sound reached my parents through the radio, it was around the time I was born. Perhaps because of my early inclination to numbers and shapes, science became my way of exploring the world in the early age. Within this context, photography became an instrument by which I can journey into the space and beyond, to explore, examine and map that which is at the other end of the lens. In the insistent attempt to render the astral world less mysterious, less frightening and more tangible, we contemplate the Cosmos, the infinite space, with photographic lens, the extension of eyes, and experience the sublime. It compels the mind to become aware of its own ignorance, conscious of its own rational limitation, and to acknowledge the possibility of an extrasensory dimension: an existence on a purely emotional plain. It is solemn and taciturn. It brings us in and out of the vertiginous abyss. It is the synthesis of a sense of trembling suffering and a sense of bliss. It is called future.

As the electronic music of Jarre’s signals a huge transformation in China synchronised to a global coordination, it also witnesses the questioning of causality and the rise of techno-utopianism. The recent scientific discovery of gravitational waves not only confirms Einstein’s prediction, but proves to ourselves that we are the big sky hunter. We know what could have possibly happened somewhere in the universe some light years away, so it may not be any longer till we can almost live stream any happening in the universe just as we now have done so on the earth. The space is the frontier we will conquer and colonize.

The gravitational waves reach through one end of the darkness to the other end, a lover’s calling. They broadcast one’s existence, casting out the signals as broadly as they can. This analogy came to define the romantic relationship between us and the unknown, and more between the present and future. The electronic music, then, is the medium of broadcasting, a form of waves sent out to discover a potential audience and seek out new viewers. Moving through the air at extraordinary speeds, it becomes ethereal, passing through clouds, its body now composed of nothing but light and air.